Singapore International Story Telling Festival 2009

Day 1 · 11 Sept ’09 (Fri)

Time       Activity
8.45am 9.30am   Registration cum breakfast
9.30am 9.45am   Welcome story by Ruth Kirkpatrick
9.45am 10.15am   Presentation by Karuna Ramanathan
The Science of Storytelling
10.15am 12.15pm   Concurrent Workshops 1 – 3
12.15pm 1.30pm   Lunch
1.30pm 1.45pm   Story Time by Randel McGee
1.45pm 2.30pm   Keynote 1
The Sheherazade Magic: How to be that Riveting Storyteller
2.30pm 3.30pm   Concurrent Workshops 4 – 6
3.30pm 4.00pm   Afternoon Tea
4.00pm 5.00pm   Concurrent Workshops 4 – 6 (cont)


  The Science of Storytelling by Karuna Ramanathan

It is very easy to appreciate storytelling as an art form. Most people in organisations however struggle with storytelling, and often they choose not to tell stories because they think it is too difficult. We all have it in us to tell stories. For organisations to get their people to tell stories, storytelling can be regarded as a science form, both in the telling as well as in the capturing. This short introductory session will share how a story can be crafted and told within 3 minutes.

Concurrent Workshops 1 – 3

2008 Congress
1 Creative Storytelling with Young Children by Anna Jarrett

Learn to choose and adapt stories for children’s different needs and abilities, as well as captivating their attention using props, drama, musical instruments and puppets. Steps for planning a successful storytelling session for small and large groups will be outlined, along with suggestions for putting together your own storytelling treasure bag. Explore the differences between formal and informal storytelling, and the important role which storytelling plays in our family and community lives.

2 “Tell it like it feels” Storytelling for Emotional Literacy by Ruth Kirkpatrick

Develop skills in using ‘story’ in a consciously therapeutic way. You will have the chance to reflect on your use of story and focus on developing therapeutic intent. We will consider the function of stories to helping build resilience in individuals and communities, and to dealing with complex and painful experiences. Come learn a relevant story and to develop elements of Emotional Literacy in your telling.

3 Green Grows the Story by Eth-Noh-Tec

Uses storytelling to advocate, educate and activate awareness regarding global climate change. Learn strategies for working with stories as an accessible and flexible environmental education and interpretive tool.

Keynote 1

The Sheherazade Magic: How to be that Riveting Storyteller by Catherine Lim

Concurrent Workshops 4 – 6

2008 Congress
4 The Use of Myths in Education by Valentina Ortiz

Stories are the bearers of myths. Many of us have lost our myths on the road of migration, of modern technology and ambitions. This workshop deals with the concept of Myth as a vital part of the building of strong personal and group identities. It offers several exercises, useful to children and adults, on how to recover our myths and particularly how to reinvent our modern day mythology and be in touch with it.

5 Characters Building Character by Randel McGee

Stories are full of characters that demonstrate personality traits and values, both admirable and shameful. These characters can motivate both children and adults to emulate good actions and avoid wrong behaviours. Randel will share examples of how stories can be used to promote positive behaviours.

6 Developing Imagination by Marien Tillet

By improvisations, collective games, body theatre and music, we will work on different ways to develop one’s imagination. Unlock your imagination and express yourself confidently through fun and creative exercises.

Day 2 · 12 Sept ’09 (Sat)

Time       Activity
8.45am 9.15am   Registration
9.15am 10.00am   Keynote 2
From Papyrus to Pixel — Making Stories, Mediating Meaning
10.00am 10.30am   Morning Tea
10.30am 12.30pm   Concurrent Workshops 7 – 9
12.30pm 1.50pm   Lunch
1.50pm 2.30pm   Story Time By Eth-Noh-Tec
2.30pm 3.30pm   Concurrent Workshops 10 – 12
3.30pm 4.00pm   Afternoon Tea
4.00pm 5.00pm   Concurrent Workshops 10 – 12 (cont)

Keynote 2

From Papyrus to Pixel — Making Stories, Mediating Meaning by Joanne Teoh

Concurrent Workshops 7 – 9

Photo of Sherry Norfolk from 2008 Congress
7 Storytelling: A Power Tool for Brain-Based Education by Bobby & Sherry Norfolk

Librarians and teachers will learn how the precepts of brain-based educational research can be applied effectively through storytelling, thereby positively affecting test scores and competencies. Story-based instruction creates and extends meaningful locale systems which provide a matrix for learning and retaining information in all curriculum areas, and which is accessible to all learning styles and applicable to multiple intelligences. Learn techniques for applying these precepts and ways to use storytelling as an assessment tool for critical thinking skills.

8 Moving Communities through Storytelling by Eth-Noh-Tec

Storytelling can move well beyond mere entertainment. It is a powerful tool to move communities in awareness and action.  This is an introduction of how storytelling can be used to for the social good in areas of peace and justice, fighting racism, bringing awareness to environment and other societal issues.

9 Poetry in Motion by Randel McGee

Movement, body language, and facial expressions in storytelling. Using the tales of the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, Randel will demonstrate how to use your whole body and face to bring your stories to life.

Concurrent Workshops 10 – 12

2008 Congress
10 Working with Stories by Anna Jarrett

There’s a special art to presenting meaningful and engaging public programs with cultural and environmental themes. Anna will help you to develop interactive, creative programs for people of all ages, working with stories as a foundation for all aspects of interpretive program planning and presentation. You will learn specific storytelling skills while being guided through the process of researching, writing and representing stories about people and places of significance.

11 The Most Wonderful Way of Engaging Children by Ruth Kirkpatrick

Discover how the power of stories can capture imaginations and provide a great tool for all working with children and parents. Learn about the appropriateness of stories for different ages, stages and how to source for materials. Explore a range of stories, songs and related activities which have proven to be successful in work with children. Develop skills in using stories for goals such as building self-esteem, transition and encouraging self expression. Understand how the use of traditional stories still shines with relevance for today.

12 Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom by Bobby & Sherry Norfolk

This interactive workshop will demonstrate a wide variety of innovative, practical and engaging PreK through 5th Grade lessons and activities that develop literacy in all domains while placing storytelling in the center of the classroom. Validating storytelling’s impact on the development of learners, lesson plans also intertwine academic domains such as Social Studies, Science, and Math in order to deepen and make personal curriculum content.


Full Congress fee S$420/person (normal rate)
S$350/person (early bird registration by 31 July ’09)
S$350/person (group registration of 3 persons or more)
One day fee S$250/person
Half day fee S$150/person (inclusive of lunch)

All prices are in Singapore dollars and GST inclusive.
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International Storytellers Showcase

See these professional storytellers at work as they share stories from their diverse lives. Treat yourself to an evening of storytelling at the International Storytellers Showcase.

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