Storytelling for Post-Disaster and Trauma Healing

Helping Children Heal (ACS Day 2 Workshop)
Featuring Mochamad Ariyo
Storytelling for Post-Disaster and Trauma Healing
Date:6 September 2014 (Sat), 10:00am – 12:00pm
Target:Parents & Caregivers, Teachers & Educators, Librarians, NGOs, Therapists, Counsellors
Level:General, suitable for all levels
Venue:The Arts House
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Ariyo's work as a storyteller in post-disaster and trauma healing situations ranges from the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh, tsunami in Pangandaran, earthquake in Bantul, the big flood in Jakarta and to the Mount Merapi volcano eruption in Yogjakarta.

"Why focus on children with trauma? In Ariyo’s experience, unlike adults – who have managed to develop their sense of reasoning and therefore are more likely to find the answers to unfortunate situations – children know little of why they experience hardship. Children going through traumatic experiences like natural disasters or severe illnesses often place the blame on themselves. If this condition is left unaddressed then children will most likely grow up developing wrong conceptions about life that could prove fatal for their future. Therefore, in order to help these children understand and later on, handle the situation, Ariyo has volunteered in many regions that have been struck by disasters." See more on Stories of Empowerment.


Storytelling is a powerful tool to deliver messages of life-values to children. This also applies to situations that are out of the ordinary. Storytelling is a powerful tool for post-disaster and trauma healing. This workshop will discuss how to use stories and storytelling in such situations. Ariyo will also share his first hand experience as a storyteller who has worked in such situations, especially with children.


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