Look, No Book!

Storytelling for second language learning and literacy
Featuring Michael Harvey
Look, No Book!
Date:5 September 2014 (Fri), 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Target:Parents & Caregivers, Teachers & Educators, Librarians, Storytellers and Spoken Word Practitioners
Level:Introductory to intermediate and general
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Look, No Book! Is a highly effective and straight forward programme for teacher professional development that uses oral retelling of traditional narrative as a basis for improving literacy skills.


Michael will model a simple story in English using specific gestures to model connectives (a particular challenge for children from households where books and stories are not often used). 

There will follow simple activities to help imbed the story and the gestures used and participants will have the opportunity to practice the story in pairs or small groups.

What to expect:

The participants will: