The Secret of the Storyteller

From the page to the stage
Featuring Paola Balbi
The Secret of the Storyteller
Date:5 September 2014 (Fri), 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Target:Teachers & Educators, Librarians, Storytellers and Spoken Word Practitioners
Level:Introductory to intermediate and general
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This workshop explores the techniques of performing a story. For those who have a favourite story they want to tell or perform, this workshop will guide you through the basic steps.


This workshop will start with a session of theatre and storytelling games to get people ready to work in the space with their voices and bodies.

Using Italian folk tales, Paola Balbi will focus on storytelling techniques such as:

What to expect:

A dynamic, practical and inspiring experience. Participants will be on their feet all the time and engaged in experimenting everything in the first person through group exercises and clear examples.


Participants should be dressed in comfortable clothing.

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