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Touching Tales:
Storytelling as a Culturally Resonant Counselling Technique


When1 SEPT 2011 (THU), 10.00AM — 5.30PM (Registration starts at 9.30am @ The Foyer)

WhereNational Museum of Singapore: Seminar Room 1 & 2 , Level 2

Fees S$220/PERSON (inclusive of 2 tea breaks)

In Eastern cultures the central function of storytelling is not entertainment. Traditional counsellors (the wise elder, the healer, the shaman, the guru, the soothsayer, the grandparent, the uncle or the aunt), typically use illustrations from parables, stories from the holy books and folk tales that depict the gods, folk heroes and other characters whom the help-seeker is already culturally prepared to revere and respect. The attention of the help-seeker would be drawn to how the characters in the stories deal with life’s vicissitudes and the help-seeker would be exhorted to emulate them. The discipline of counselling could learn from these methods to consider techniques that have a strong cultural grounding.

Presented by a clinical psychologist, DR. GIDEON ARULMANI, Director of The Promise Foundation India, and International Fellow of the National Institute for Career Education & Counselling (Cambridge, UK) and a professional storyteller, KAMINI RAMACHANDRAN, Co-Founder of MoonShadow Stories and President of the Storytelling Association (Singapore), this workshop will bring two disciplines, namely, storytelling and counselling together and explore storytelling as a counselling technique. The speakers will present the cultural preparedness approach as a conceptual framework that could guide the development of counselling interventions that are responsive and relevant to felt needs.

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The Storyteller’s Tool:
Exploring the Body as an Essential Subject that Supports the Storyteller in His Art Form


When2 SEPT 2011 (FRI), 10.00AM — 5.30PM (Registration starts at 9.30am @ The Foyer)

WhereNational Museum of Singapore: Seminar Room 1 & 2 , Level 2

Fees S$220/PERSON (inclusive of 2 tea breaks)


ABBI PATRIX has always been concerned with the storyteller’s relationship to his own body. For him this has been an important subject of research and experiment, and an unending source of questioning. During the workshop, emphasis will be given to the body’s place within the discipline of storytelling, and within the context of narrative, without either separating stories from their teller or the matter from its form. The aim is to consider that the storyteller’s body is the tool of his trade, and as such it is essential to study it, understand it, and to develop its potential. Our bodies support our words. They give language, sounds and movement their real dimension. When a storyteller tells his story, he is not only heard but also seen by his audience. Everything is relevant, everything is recorded, everything is a form of language. The vocabulary he uses with his body must support his story: it must be evaluated, worked on, tamed. Our concern is to start with the storyteller’s body, and to follow the path that his words will take to reach us.

ABBI PATRIX is Artistic Director of Compagnie du Cercle and Co-Director of Le Maison du Conte (The House of Stories). He is an acclaimed storyteller who uses the spoken word in multi-disciplinary performances and is also Co-Founder of FEST (Federation for European Storytelling). For the past twenty-five years Abbi has been dedicated to the art of storytelling in all forms and runs Le Labo (The Lab), a space for research and creation that mentors storytellers.

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Workshops on Creative Writing


When5 SEPT 2011 (MON)

WhereNational Museum of Singapore: Seminar Room 1 & 2 , Level 2

Fees S$20/PERSON

NotesSeating per session is on first-come-first-served basis.

1. Writing my First Story
10.00am – 12.00noon / Suitable for children aged 9 to 12 years old

If you are interested in literary creation, sign up for this workshop. He will respond to all questions connected with the office of writer, gestation and creation of books, the narrative techniques, and the resources of creativity. Then participants will draft one micro story from a trigger. After which, the texts will be read and commented on.

2. Writing a Fantastic Story
1.00pm – 3.00pm / Suitable for youths aged 13 to 16 years old

Author ENRIQUE PAEZ will summarise several techniques to generate stories. Participants will write a story that will come from the fantastic binomium, one of the most powerful creative and fruitful techniques. The texts will be read aloud and commented on.

3. Unblocking the Writing Process
4.00pm – 6.00pm / Suitable for adults & recommended for teachers and beginning writers

Participants will write a story from a personal memory. It will be possible, in this case, to change the narrator’s point of view from the first to third person. That is, in short, to observe and analyse the real and the unreal through the eyes of the writer, always watching as if seen for the first time. The relationship between reality and fiction.

e-Mote Digital Storytelling Workshop

e-Mote Digital Storytelling Workshops are designed to equip students with the storytelling techniques and technical execution to tell a digital story.

Each school may allow a maximum of one teacher and 20 students to sign up for the workshops. The cost for each participant for the entire workshop is SGD$15 inclusive training materials. Interested participants need to sign up by sending an email to [email protected], stating their name, school and IC number.

Workshop details here.


Registration has closed for the event. Drop us a note at [email protected] to be notified of the next SISF.

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