The Storytelling Festival
with a Difference

Once again, the Singapore International Story Telling Festival (SISF) 2011 will be a unique gathering to explore the many manifestations of storytelling, stretching from its simplest application in the nursery right through to cultivating community togetherness, resolving conflicts, and of course as an aid to learning in education.

And this year, we are returning bigger, bolder and brighter! This year, we bring you SHERRY & BOBBY NORFOLK, RUTH KIRKPATRICK, ABBI PATRIX, RANDEL MCGEE, BEATRIZ MONTERO, LILLI RODRIGUES-PANG, DR. GIDEON ARULMANI and many more! For SISF 2011, we will take a look at storytelling for children with special needs and also, we will look into storytelling as a counselling technique!

With these amazing topics and an all star cast from USA, UK, Australia, Spain, France, India, and of course Singapore, this is one festival storytellers, parents, teachers, educators, librarians, managers and counsellors cannot miss.

The Storytelling Festival with a Diffrence