Invite a Storyteller to Your School!

As a learning tool, storytelling encourages students to explore their unique expressiveness and heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate and lucid manner. Storytelling also encourages language and reading development and can be integrated into a variety of curriculum areas.

Through telling stories students gain presentation skills, knowledge of their subject, and learn through teaching and sharing with others. A good story not only entertains but is capable of imparting important concepts, attitudes and skills. Storytelling is also a fabulous tool to develop the listening and concentration skills of late developers or children with special needs; as well as to engage and draw their attention in a way that is enjoyable and less stressful for them.

Invite a storyteller to visit your school! Imagine how excited the students and teachers will be to attend an assembly or workshop presented by international storytellers. Here’s your chance to engage professional storytellers, without having to pay an arm and a leg, and get world class programmes.

Confirming the Storyteller for Your School

Decide which storytellers (maximum two from the list behind) you would like to come to your school. Choose a date from 1st to 2nd Sept or 5th to 6th Sept.

Choose one of the following combinations:


Our Storytellers and their workshops:

    The Secrets of Storytelling
    This workshop will give the basic keys to tell stories through the senses, body language and voice records. You will be able to master the techniques of storytelling and public speaking and learn the craft of storytelling: communicating with the other, playing with words.

  3. ENRIQUE PAEZ, Spain

    Meet the Author Session
    The author of the romance “Abdel” offers the possibility of meetings in primary or secondary schools in Singapore with children and/or young readers interested in reading and in Children's Literature. “Abdel” tells through the first person the epic story of a 14 years old child Saharaw (Western Sahara, close to Morocco). After the death of his mother at the hands of the Moroccan army, he travels with his father to Spain, aboard a small boat. In Spain, land of promise, things will not be as easy as they imagined, and finally it ends up with the father in jail and the son Abdel in a shelter.

    ENRIQUE PAEZ will answer questions related to the writer’s craft, gestation and creation of the books, the resources of creativity, the beginnings of writing, the problems of migration, and “Abdel” adventure.


    Breaking Down a Story to Tell
    In this workshop we look at all aspect of developing a story to tell; elements of the story, characterisation, voice, movement, pace and timing, breath and rhythm of the story, the underlying knowledge of the place/animal traits, etc.

    Cultural Identity and Our Stories: Working with Youths
    The teenage years are all about change, confusion and peer pressure. Stories can be used even for difficult age groups like these. This workshop delves into some of the stories and methods used in to reach out to teenagers and youths.


    Poetry in Motion!: Movement, Body Language, and Facial Expressions in Storytelling
    Using the tales of the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, Randel will demonstrate how to use your whole body and face to bring your stories to life.

    Paper and Scissors ROCK!
    Randel will demonstrate the fun of taking a piece of ordinary paper and cutting and folding it into simple, yet amazingly detailed paper sculptures. The projects can be themed around holidays or special units on nature, the circus, fantasy creatures, anything! These projects are great for helping children develop spatial awareness, divergent thinking, and just having a fun arts experience.

    (The above workshops are suitable for teachers or students interested in learning new tools to develop their storytelling presentation)


    Hearts, Minds and Hands! Storytelling with Under 5’s
    In this participative workshop, you will learn how to engage effectively with this age group and structure a session with adequate variety. You will also learn what are the suitable stories to tell using props and songs.

    Storytelling for Today
    Discover how the power of stories can capture imaginations and provide a great tool for all working with children. Learn about the appropriateness of stories for different ages, stages and how to source for materials. Develop skills in using stories for goals such as building self-esteem and encouraging self expression.


The storytelling offerings will awaken your senses, warm your soul, inspire your creative expression, and help further your aspirations!

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