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Joe Harawira


Joe Harawira (New Zealand)

Ngati Maniapoto, Ngai te Rangi, Ngati Awa

Joe Harawira is an International storyteller and tikanga (protocols) expert from Aotearoa — New Zealand. He has toured many times both nationally and internationally over the past 30 years, taking his skill in Maori storytelling and oratory with him to indigenous storytelling festivals in the USA, including Hawaii and Canada, to Australia and Europe too. Storytelling runs in Joe’s extended family; “We come from a very oral tradition. As a young boy I’d go to the marae to listen to the kaumatua (elders), tell their stories through whaikorero (speech-making).” Joe was a teacher for 24 years mainly in the total immersion language schools where the subjects were taught in the Maori language. He used storytelling as an educational tool to promote the various school curriculum subjects. His stories are well known stories from the Maori world. He is a passionate teacher and performer of kapahaka (traditional Maori performing arts) and also features on many contemporary Maori programmes that are viewed by a national audience. He is an exponent of the Maori language and a strong supporter of all Maori art forms. He is also is a bearer of tā moko (permanent body markings). Joe lives in his hometown of Whakatane which is in the North Island of New Zealand He currently works as a Strategic Partnerships Manager with the Department of Conservation working mainly in the Treaty Settlements arena. Joe’s vast repertoire spans the creation tales, nature tales and of course the anthology of the beloved Maui stories.

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