Image of Diane Wolkstein


Storytelling: Content and Technique

Facilitator: Diane Wolkstein
Date 3 September 2012 (Mon), 10:00 – 5:00pm
Venue The Arts House
Target: Storytellers and those who are familiar working with stories
Level: Experienced storytellers
Preparation: Please bring your own stationery to take notes.
Participants must come with a story to work on during this masterclass and be prepared to receive feedback from Diane.
Notes: This masterclass is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.
Fees: $220

A full day workshop targeted at experienced storytellers to hone their skills.

We need to have an understanding of the heart of the story we are telling in order to find methods to reveal its spirit. The class will begin with a story and we will examine its content and techniques. There will be exercises that allow each person in the class to have an opportunity to tell a story. Diane will speak about content and offer specific techniques to develop voice and posture as well as the characters that are embodied within a story. Body and gestures can enhance the story and the storyteller’s energy. Diane will work in depth with three to five people. Diane encourages questions and discussions throughout the day.

Highlights: This special masterclass is based on coaching and focuses on Diane’s incredible experience and skill to provide individual feedback. You will also have the opportunity to hear Diane tell 2–3 stories during the class.

Learning: Participants will be able to develop and enhance stories they are currently working on. Participants will learn through observation and demonstration.