Panel: Translation from Print to the Voice

Featuring Annaliza Bakri, Cyril Wong, Kamini Ramachandran, Michael Harvey, Paola Balbi, Verena Tay
Date:5 September 2014 (Fri), 11:00am – 12:00pm

The global storytelling community is aware that many of the oral stories of our forefathers have simply vanished because they were not recorded.

The community of folklorists and storytellers is also aware that many of the world's traditional oral narratives lie within the pages of journals, tomes and research publications.

Many of these archives are recorded in a variety of languages and scripts ... 

What is the role of translation today in reviving these stories and making them accessible to new audiences crossing the boundaries of language, culture and location?

Publishers, writers, educators, parents and librarians are acutely aware of the drastic fall in those reading books today.

Literary texts remain untouched on shelves and attention spans have become shorter.

What is the role of the storyteller in translating and adapting these works by our writers to create a bridge between the text and the potential reader?

How do traditional storytelling forms such as pansori, dastaan, rakugo, baul and others survive and sustain as viable art forms?

What can translation do for traditional storytelling content in the 21st century?

Our panel will share their experiences and thoughts on the above points and invite questions from the floor.

Moderator: TBC

Part of Asian Congress of Storytellers