Image of Diane Wolkstein & Jeff Greene


Monkey King: Journey to the West

Date 31 August 2012 (Fri), 7:30 – 9:30pm
Duration 2 hours
Venue Play Den, The Arts House
Price Adult (13+): $20 (Early bird before 31 July)
Adult (13+): $25 (Normal)
Child (7-12 years): $10
Notes Recommended for ages 7 years and above, suitable for family audience

Monkey King: Journey to the West is one of the three great Chinese epics. Written by Wu Cheng’En in the sixteenth century and based on the historical Xuanzang, the epic recounts the poignant and humorous adventures of the impetuous, all powerful Monkey King, whose concerns are himself, and the pure-hearted determined Tang Priest, who wants to help others. Together they struggle not only with demons and ogres, but with one another as they travel from China to India to bring back the Buddhist scriptures.

With unexpected movement and song, Wolkstein breaks open the text, encouraging the audience to question the path of goodness (the Tang Priest) vs. the path of power (Monkey King) and how they might be integrated then – and now.

Performed by: Diane Wolkstein & Jeff Greene
Monkey King: