Seung Ah Kim

Seung Ah Kim is the founder of Arirang Storytelling Concert and counts herself as Korea’s first professional storyteller. Inspired by the folktales her grandmother told her as a child, Seung Ah tells Korean folkstories in a dynamic and interactive way that is engaging for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Her performances combine traditional Korean folktales and mythology with contemporary stories from her own life.

The ‘Arirang Storytelling Concert’ and ‘Pansori Storytelling Concert’ reflect Seung Ah’s dedication to and enthusiasm for traditional Korean storytelling by creating stimulating storytelling performance to share tales that captivate audiences, bring people together and enhance cross-cultural communication. Her aim is to engage audiences curious about Korean culture, and to gain a foothold in Korea for an art form that has typically been seen as a juvenile pursuit.

Arirang Nights of Storytelling (Korea)

Seung Ah Kim started Arirang Nights of Storytelling because of her love for stories and her desire to share her fascination with traditional Korean stories with others. Pansori is the traditional Korean art form of musical storytelling.

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