Keynote: Storytelling as a Translative Force for Social Change

How can storytelling be a translative force for social change?
Featuring Kiran Singh Sirah
Keynote: Storytelling as a Translative Force for Social Change
Date:5 September 2014 (Fri), 9:00am – 10:00am
Venue:The Arts House, Chamber

Human beings tell stories. That’s how we have made sense of our world, formed community, a sense of belonging and understanding. Almost everything we know has been given to us in the form of a story. Stories are part of everyday life. The processes of sharing them are building blocks for deep interpersonal relationships, and where the process of healing, community and celebration may be found. When we engage in story-telling and story-listening, we experience new worlds and discover how other people travel in paths similar to our own. Stories not only tell us the diversity of traditions and customs of a region, they allow us to make connections to different cultures but in fact are not that different at all.

In this key note address, Kiran Singh Sirah, Executive Director of the International Storytelling Centre USA, will explore the role of storytelling in what he describes as one of the greatest conflict prevention tools that we can use to foster and establish global peaceful communities. He will also expound upon how we might collectively use of new storytelling forms, in the arenas of peace and international development, to help establish a conflict-free world.

Part of Asian Congress of Storytellers