Story Swap

Tell your story alongside our guest storytellers
Featuring Davide Bardi, Mochamad Ariyo, Kiran Singh Sirah
Story Swap
Date:5 September 2014 (Fri), 3:15pm – 3:45pm
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A special afternoon tea-break Story Swap session as part of the one-day Asian Congress of Storytellers programming.

What better way to have your afternoon cup of tea? Listen to stories and share yours too!

The Story Swap is your chance to share your story (short and sweet!) during the festival. It is also your chance to listen to more stories from those around you at the festival!

All stories must be limited to a maximum of 5-minutes in order to allow for other participants to be able to share their stories. Each room will have a time-keeper to ensure that participants are given the opportunity to share their stories.

Each Story Swap room will be led by Davide Bardi, Ariyo and Kiran Singh Sirah, who will kick-start the Swap by sharing a story.

Each Story Swap room will allow for aproximately 4 to 5 stories to be shared, as well as the Lead Facilitator's story.

All stories must be copyright-free without any rights infringement.

We highly recommend stories from the universal oral tradition like folk tales, fairy tales, fables, epics and legends.

If you would like to share a story during the Story Swap on Friday 5th September afternoon, please register your interest HERE.

The Story Swap is only open to ticket holders of the Full-Day Asian Congress of Storytellers and the Half-Day Afternoon Session Asian Congress of Storytellers.

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