How To Make A Baby in One Minute? Storytelling Competition

We want to hear from you! We want to see how good you are at STORYTELLING!

Make a cool, creative video and engage us with your storytelling skills and anecdote in one minute. If your video makes us laugh, cry or cringe, you stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

*Explicit content and words NOT allowed. This is a family-friendly competition.

To submit your entry:

Earth Stories 2008 – Storytelling Competition


An unfolding tragedy in our modern times involves the pursuit of modernisation and economic progress at the expense of the only home we have: our planet Earth. The irony of it all is that humankind’s very own hands contribute to his own home’s destruction. Many of our actions, however small, add to the problem but so does our indifference.

To expose such apathy and to provide a venue where Mother Nature can be celebrated and the subject of sustainable development can be raised are two of the key objectives of this programme. The Singapore International Story Telling Festival 2008 and Acropolis English Centre proudly present “Earth Stories 2008: Storytelling Competition”.

The festival hopes to bring to the fore an appreciation for nature through storytelling, which in turn should convince audiences and participants to start caring for the environment and being mindful of how they can help in protecting it and conserving the resources it offers.


We invite all primary school students to participate in the English Storytelling Competition based on the theme

Earth Stories: Protect the Environment, Sustain Human Life



Category 1: Pupils of P1 and P2
Category 2: Pupils of P3 and P4
Category 3: Pupils pf P5 and P6

Each school is encouraged to send a contestant for each category. A school is allowed to send only one (1) representative for each category, for a maximum of three representatives per school. Four finalists will be selected from each category where there will be 1st and 2nd Prize winners and 2 runner-up prizes.


The prizes for each category are:
1st Prize $ 300
2nd Prize $ 200
2 Runner-up Prizes $ 150 (per winner)


The story must be presented within the time limit of 3 minutes. It can be an original story or one that has been previously published. Participants can use classic myths and legends that highlight the magnificence of the natural world or they can tell stories about problems and solutions related to the preservation of the environment. For more details, please refer to the attached COMPETITION RULES AND GUIDELINES.


Qualifying Rounds: Wednesday, 30th July 2008 and Thursday, 31st July 2008
Activity Room
Marine Parade Community Library

(Each participant will receive an appointment to tell his/her story before adjudicators. Participants (through the school’s appointed teacher in-charge) will be notified of the results by email by 11th August 2008)
Grand Final: Thursday, 28th August 2008
To be held at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, S179429
Closing Date: All application forms must reach Acropolis English Centre
by Friday, 11th July 2008. (Please refer to the attached
Application Form)


All participating schools whose pupils have qualified for the Grand Final will be given 10-15 invitation cards for supporters and well-wishers to attend the event on 28th August.
Schools are encouraged to bring supporters along. The care of participants and supporters from each school, including all transport arrangements, is the responsibility of the school.


The adjudicators will be from the Singapore International Story Telling Festival 2008 and Acropolis English Centre. The contestants will be judged based on the following criteria: Content, 10 points; Relevance, 10; Diction, 20; and Expression, 20 for a total of 60 points.


There will be a special storytelling performance to entertain the audience after the competition and while the judges are finalising the results.

Please submit your application form (by post or fax) on or before Friday, 11th July 2008. For more information, visit